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Stephanie Gil is a Ph.D. candidate in Aero/Astro Department at MIT. She conducts research under Daniela Rus in CSAIL.  Her research interests include team coordination of multi-robot teams for maintaining connectivity and studying the interplay of vehicle dynamics and limitations with performance goals.  She has also been involved in a collaboration with Dina Katabi's group on CarSpeak.  She received her M.S. from MIT and her B.S. from Cornell University. He has been an active member of research labs in the United States, Ireland, and Singapore. Additionally, she has worked on several NASA projects including Solar Sails at the Goddard Space Center and the Mars Exploration Rovers at Cornell and JPL.

Currently Stephanie is investigating algorithms for deployment of communication vehicles to maintain a connected network over mobile client vehicles whose trajectories are unknown a priori.  She is also investigating approximate solutions to this problem that are more efficient but whose approximation error can be bounded.  These algorithms are implemented on flying quadrotor systems and are moving towards larger implementations on heterogeneous outdoor platforms.  


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