Agenda for Wireless@mit Retreat Monday, October 7

Updated October 6, 2013

wireless@mit Annual Retreat will be held at MIT, Stata Center, 32 Vassar Street, 32-D463 Star Conference Room, Cambridge.


-------- Agenda for October 7 ------

Breakfast 8:15am - 8:45am

8:45am -9am : Welcome (Balakrishnan & Katabi)

Session 1  ----  9:00am --10:20am

Performance and Crash Testing of Mobile Apps at Scale -- Lenin Ravindranath
BigBand: Realtime GHz Spectrum Sensing & Decoding -- Haitham Hassanieh
Low Power Hardware Design - Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan
See-Through Walls with WiFi -- Fadel Adib

Coffee Break

Session 2 ----  10:40am -- 12:00pm

Software-Defined MIMO Networks -- Swarun Kumar
TCP ex Machina: Machine-Generated Congestion Control -- Keith Winstein
Hearing is Believing: Room-Area Networks with Blurt -- Peter Iannucci
The Cost of Unreliability in Wireless Networks - Mohsen Gaffari


Session 3 --- 1:20pm --- 2:20pm

Using network coding in heterogeneous environments -- Prof. Muriel Medard
Mobile Base-stations - Prof. Daniela Rus
Network-Driven Transportation Systems - Prof. Li-Shiuan Peh

Coffee Break

Session 4 --- 2:40pm - 3:40pm (3 talks)

Large-scale visualization of twitter feeds -  Prof. Sam Madden
Centimeter-Scale Indoor Localization with RFID -- Jue Wang
Permute Codes: Fast Error Correction for Wireless Networks -- Jonathan Perry

Reception & Drinks

Demos & Posters  --- 4:00pm - 6:30pm

Efficient Sensor Fusion for Activity Detection -- Tiffany Chen
The Remy Tool for Machine-Generated Congestion Control -- Keith Winstein
Room-Area Acoustic Communication with Blurt -- Peter Iannucci and Anirudh Sivaraman
Automated Mobile App Testing at Scale -- Lenin Sivalingam
Securing Applications by Blindfolding the Server --Raluca Ada Popa
See Through Walls with Radio Signals  -- Fadel Adib & Zach Kabelac
Centimeter Scale Indoor Localization  -- Jue Wang & Deepak Vasisht
Wireless Power Transfer -- Jouya Jadidian
A Robot that Follows Your WiFi Signal  -- Stephanie Gil & Swarun Kumar
GHz Spectrum Acquisition with Three 50 MS/s ADCs --  Lixin Shi & Haitham Hassanieh
RoadRunner: Vehicular Congestion Control with Device-to-Device Communications  -- Jason Gao
Multiplayer Gaming with WiFi Direct -- Pablo Ortiz
A Low-Power 802.11p Radio on CMOS+GaN Targeted for Device-to-Device Communications --Pilsoon Choi
SimMobility: Emulating a City of People, Vehicles, Phones and Networks -- Seth Hetu
Self-Adaptive Processors for Reduced Energy Consumption -- Yildiz Sinangil
Powering Your Medical Implants Using Your Cell Phone -- Rui Jin
Computational Photography Processor -- Rahul 
Rithe, Priyanka Raina, Nathan Ickes
Low-Power On-Board Speech Recognition --- Michael Price
Integrating P2P and CDN for Wireless Edge Caching: An Optimized Coding Approach --Weifei Zeng
Guessing a Password Over a Wireless Channel -- Flavio du Pin Calmon
Matched Filter Decoding of Random Binary and Gaussian Codes in Broadband Gaussian Channel -- Vitaly Abdrashitov
Interplay of Channel and Network Coding in Low-Power Sensor Applications -- Georgios Angelopulos
Coded TCP for Wireless Video Delivery --Jason Cloud
No Silver Bullet: Extending SDN to the Data Plane -- Anirudh Sivaraman
Low-Power Million Point Sparse FFT Chip --  Omid Abari & Ezz Hamed
Multi-Network Control Framework for Mobile Applications - Shuo Deng

Dinner & Discussion  --- 6:30pm to 8:30pm - Stata Center, R & D Dining Area
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