Mobile Applications

The center explores and develops distributed application designs that work across mobile devices and compute/storage clouds. This research includes new programming models, abstractions, and communication protocols for mobile environments. Focus applications include transportation systems and vehicle-to-vehicle networks, scalable mobile video, personalized content delivery, sensor-intensive tasking and coordination applications, and more.

Research topics

802.11n+ : Random Access Heterogeneous MIMO Networks

Dina Katabi

This project presents the design and implementation of 802.11n+, a fully distributed random access protocol for MIMO networks. 802.11n+ allows nodes that differ in the number of antennas to contend not just for time, but also for the degrees of freedom provided by multiple antennas. We show that even when the medium is already occupied by some nodes, nodes with more antennas can transmit concurrently without harming the ongoing transmissions. Furthermore, such nodes can contend for the medium in a fully distributed way.

MegaMIMO: Scaling Wireless Capacity with User Demands

Dina Katabi

We present joint multi-user beamforming (JMB), a system that enables independent access points (APs) to beamform their signals, and communicate with their clients on the same channel as if they were one large MIMO transmitter. The key enabling technology behind JMB is a new low-overhead technique for synchronizing the phase of multiple transmitters in a distributed manner. The design allows a wireless LAN to scale its throughput by continually adding more APs on the same channel.


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